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“I have no time to train”- movement suggestions for the busy desk based person

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

As a 28 year old with minimal responsibility I can see how it is very unrelateable for me to suggest to clients with kids, a partner and a house to pay for that they “do have time, they just don’t want it enough” can be. I fully appreciate some people will literally not have time to dedicate to working out. Especially if they are going through a particularly stressful time at work or at home. Sometimes exercise will take a back step.

When exercise takes a backstep then sometimes we can look to offset the effects of long working hours in a sitting position with daily movement instead. This article is to give you options of things to do when exercise isn’t one of those options.


When exercise is on the decline then just making sure your body is keeping moving must become a priority if you want to avoid the stiffness and pain most desk bound workers experience. Pick 2-3 mobility movements and spend 5 mins daily working through them.

My top 3 are:

-Cat and Camel

-Worlds greatest stretch

Shoulder circles


One of the easiest quick fixes for movement is to walk more/ everywhere. Most people are able to get on/off a tube stop later/ earlier. A walk around the office/ to get some water or using the stairs are all things you can add into your day.

10,000 steps daily will roughly burn 500 calories more than someone who walks 4,000 per day which is significant in a weightless context. However spending more time out of the sat position will have further benefits on your mind, mobility and overall health.

If 10,000 steps in unachievable then start with 3 x 10 minute brisk walks. Aim to be out of breath so you are unable to sing but can maintain conversation.

Short bursts

5/10 minutes to spare? Picking 1/2 exercises to go hard on for a short period of time can be a quick way to add more movement into your day without actually having to schedule a time to exercise.

Squats and press ups. Lunges and sit ups. Or just go hard with burpee pull ups. It seems simple but adding 5 minutes of 10 squats and 10 press ups before a shower can go a long way.

Take-home message

You may not be able to fit in exercise but other forms of movement can help maintain/improve health. Do some mobility, walk more or try to move for 5/10 minutes a day. Small, simple efforts can have a huge effect.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch-> Personal Trainer Hackney

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