Do you try your best to get into a running routine but get frustrated by:

  • Getting injured

  • Not getting results and being able to see your improvements

  • Not knowing what to do​

  • Not knowing how to train safely

  • Getting into a routine

  • Feeling like you don't have the time and energy for work/life/ exercise.

  • Not having any support 

It can be really difficult to navigate the running/fitness world.


Trying to keep on top of life and succeeding in your training can be a tough balance.

RUN STRONG, RUN LONG is the plan that can help you to do that.​

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Minimise your risk of injury. Which means more time doing the thing you enjoy

  • A time effective programme which allows you not to feel like you are always trying to balance work, life and training

  • A clear programme to follow, so you know exactly what you need to do

  • A progressive plan and guidance so you stay safe but get awesome results

  • Guidance from an expert running coach and support from an awesome community to keep you on track.

What you get?

  • Engaging and progressive workouts in 4 week cycles

  • 3 x weekly sessions with videos to guide you on movements delivered through an app/email

  • Access to a facebook community of likeminded people

  • Q&As, challenges and support

  • Structure and accountability

  • A stronger, fitter version of yourself

Cost of the programme​

Silver Package

Just the programme with no access to coach/community.


Gold Package

Programme with regular interactions from coach and access to the online community.


Platinum Package

All the perks of the gold package but with added hour long monthly coaching call.


This will involve setting out monthly objectives for you.


Double Gold Package

(limited time only)

The Gold Package but paying for 2 months instead of one for a discounted price.


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