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The Marathon Blog: Pre race Jitters

I am now into the final week of marathon prep.

My longest run (2 weeks ago) was 15.5 miles. So on the day I will be running an extra 10.7 miles.

I’m not going to lie, this is slightly daunting. But I also feel fit and strong. I am the lightest I have ever been. And to be honest, there is no longer anything I can do about the situation anyway.

The plan for this week

The last few weeks I have been gradually decreasing my overall output.

This week I will run once (on Monday for a run club I lead.) Then it will probably mainly be mobility work and maybe a very light weights session on Wednesday.

More than likely it will just be trying to hit 10,000 steps daily, sleep well and rest.

Nutrition wise I will eat pretty normally. Wednesday Thursday I may decrease my carbohydrate content slightly before eating 850g of carbs per day (thats a lot of food) Friday and Saturday.

I feel my experimentation with carb loading this year wills serve me really well leading into this prep too. Previously I have approached it with an “eat anything” mindset. I even had 3-4 pints the day before my marathon last time I ran it.

Thoughts moving forwards

I have very mixed feelings about this prep. It started well and I felt very good. But the tail end has been a little more challenging. With the change of races and the stress around that, I almost just want to get it done now.

Not being able to run longer than 15.5 miles is annoying although will be an interesting challenge in itself. Also having set myself a time goal, I definitely feel the pressure of that despite it literally being one I have placed upon myself.

If I really strip it back though and look at my original aims I think I have stayed true to those. To run a marathon without it hugely impacting upon my business and personal life. To strive for balance.

Have I achieved that?

Well my business has definitely moved forwards leaps and bounds. I have definitely been able to navigate some huge changes and challenges in my personal life. And training has been a base that has helped me work through them.

I have still been able to see my friends, family and socialise to certain extent. But with working towards building a business, while training there will always be limitations to how much I can do. Or will allow myself to do.

In times gone past I would distract myself and training would be a place to bury my head in the sand. This time has been different, which is progress.

So yes I believe I have achieved that balance somewhat. Is there room for improvement? Always.

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