• Ollie McCarthy

Energy- what is it??

ENERGY . Quite simply your energy will dictate how you perform. At work, at home, in sport and around family and friends. . If you have high amounts of energy you will be able to perform well in a variety of tasks. Low energy will mean you don’t. Lethargy, lack of ability to concentrate and poor performance are all indicators. . You will directly control your own energy levels by the choices you make. . High volumes of work, hard workouts, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, poor movement and nutrition choices are all examples of energy depleting or energy offensive(giving out) choices. . On the flip side, energy defensive choices include work/life balance, hydration, good quality sleep, manageable movement, solid nutrition choices, breath work. These will restore and replenish our energy. . As Friday hits do you feel like you energy to spare? Do you feel rested or crave sleep? Will you make good food choices or reach for a takeaway? Feel like you can smash a workout or just want to sit in front of Netflix? . These are all clues to indicate our state and what choices we should be making. Finding the balance between the two is a never ending battle... . So this weekend will you be energy offensive or energy defensive?

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